A-Z Challenge: Parting X

Perhaps a bit of a cheat this one as it is a poem I had previously posted but it fits too well in my Stolen Words theme not to recycle, so I hope I am forgiven for it *winks*

The original post is HERE

Parting Kiss

I love the way it glides
Back and forth
Bouncing between us
Our little cross to share

It’s just two lines
Two simple strokes
Of a pen
Is all it takes

A meaningless gesture
Or a potent one
Altered by timing

It’s a game,
Leaving an absence
A space
of expectation

Who will draw first
Will it land safe
Or linger in the air
An awkward mark
Of affection
Fearing rejection
Sliding between
Our discourse

Just one little letter
Carrying power
Beyond its form
Possessing the ability
To dampen angst
Create smiles
Fuel lust

Who would imagine
Two dashes
would mean so much