Maris Piper

A-Z Challenge: Peeling back P

Potato sprouts

They are dangerous you know
If you swallow them, they grow

I raise my tired eyebrows in despair
Feebly give that knowing stare

Of course they do silly
just you, wait and see
as I silently pray
for Hades to take me

Her blood pressure rising
she spouts her tirade
about Maris Pipers,
the whole farming trade

How disgusted she is to see lots of dirt
Around her potatoes, and though it won’t hurt
She continues to prattle: it’s so disconcert-
ing. Watching me peel: she’s on high alert

And, try as I might to duel her with fact
I can’t hide the sprouts, can’t make her retract
the ridiculous notions she starts to enact
her worry of growths, her over react-

ion, to me peeling veg
Not even for her
Who knew, she was now
a spud connoisseur

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