missing you

So close I can breathe you

You are near to me
yet so far away,
If I close my eyes tightly
I can hear the rhythm of your breath,
See the rise of your chest
Can reach over to stroke your clammy skin
luminescent, in the moonlit room.

If I inhale too deeply I can taste you.
Suck in the scent of you,
absorb your sweat
on the tip of my tongue
Making me want to rest
my ear against your chest .
Hearing the life force of you
beating against my brain.
Humming into my thoughts
filtering through logic
and seeping into desire.
I can feel the fire of yearning within me,
fighting for an end to the addiction,
jostling for a cure that I do not really crave.
My lips tingling for your kiss as you lay beside me.
A body shaking to uncover your touch.
When I wake
I find myself empty
Just like the bed without you.