Blurry Sheep

Grey dirty smears
Dashed across lush green landscapes
Blurred hedgerows glide by


A-Z Challenge: Volcanic V


Red hot belly, rumbling in the midday sun
Trembling as she wakes, filling the sky with dread
Her song, the sound of soil screaming
Spitting out white hot globules of pain
Her fevour knows no bounds
No manmade structure can withstand the force
When she blows
Air thick with ashen layers
Rocks warmed by her touch
Everything scorned and scorched
The path of resistance covered with her fury
Torn between simmering for centuries
or bursting forth, with force
a reckoning beyong our control
Yet still in the face of her wrath
We marvel in our awe

Depth of matter

It doesn’t matter does it?

If my feet are tired and I can no longer dance

It couldn’t matter, could it?

That we no longer waltz together on the moors whilst the moon yawns down upon us

It wouldn’t matter, would it?

If my bones are pressed deep into the dirt at the foot of your bed, cold and damp in August

It shouldn’t matter, should it?

That we lost our souls that day the rain came, when we buried each other up to our necks in lust

It didn’t matter, did it?

It never did

I’m only sleeping

Glassy eyes devoured by time

Sweet caress to you align

For years I have sat in silence

Whilst moss enveloped my soul

Tread carefully across my old limbs

My little feathered invaders

For tonight I am only sleeping

Amidst the Roses

The roses smell sweeter
When wet
Crushed under the arch of your back
Delicate petals
Sodden with sweat
Paper thin shells
Pressed into lush grass
Flattened by the force
Of desire

I remember it well

The nights you came to me
Secret trysts under trellis’
Stolen kisses
As the sun raced us home

Your skin glistening with sweat then
Hot breathe on my neck
As you panted my name
The moment you gave yourself

Over to passion
Over to love
Over to me

I remember it well

My beautiful picture