There was, a certain art to it
The flick of your tongue, lips mouthing words
As you sentenced her to love

One cruel curl of a smirk
A dot of the I, on the notes
That she kept close by

The perfectly measured beat
Of her heart against your breath
While she held hers

Waiting for the whole world to turn.

There was a certain skill, in it all
Giving just enough – yet taking
Taking her life for your own

A Weekly Ritual

One, two, three, four,
Don’t forget to lock the door
Five, six, seven, eight
Come on now we’re running late
One, two, three, four,
Change of shoes, her feet are sore
Five, six, seven, eight
I jangle keys, as though they’re bait
One, two, three, four
Clearing leaves from the floor
Five, six, seven, eight
Almost got her to the gate
One, two, three, four
Just go back and check once more
Five, six, seven, eight
Make a phone call while I wait
One, two, three, DOOR
Five, six, seven, LATE

NaPoWriMo -Say what scares you

Words left unsaid

Sometimes I feel I would eat you alive
Merge my face into your supple chest
and blend our bodies together.
To peel off your skin
make you into a coat
So I can wear you all day
Entwine limbs and lungs,
solder lips and tongues.
Press my bones against yours
until the imprint is visible
for all to see,
to show you just
how deeply I am into you


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Poetry 101 Rehab: Couldn’t

Couldn’t Forget You

If I had never saw you
In that particular way
It would not have been hard
To forget you

If I had never held your gaze
For more than a minute
Never followed the train
Of your thought
Chasing the conversation
Between midnight and noon

I should never have allowed
My fleeting thoughts
to drift
Into your space
Echoing your voice
Picturing your face
Crossing the boundaries
into fields of dreams
over thinking actions
thrown away by you
Scooped up by me

I should have ignored you
But I wouldn’t

Wouldn’t wake in the morning
Without thinking of you
Would not let a night pass
Until your words confirmed
Unable to sleep
if you were out of reach

I should have forgotten you

But I couldn’t

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Upper obsession

There was a name for it

How she felt



A dissolute desire to have them

A wanton longing


Begging for just a stroke

The soft leather under her skin

Hugging her soul like no other

Some days she liked to feel their tongues

Pressed hard against her

Bound by black lace

Holding her firm

Other days she would slip

into something more comfortable

Allow them to caress her arches

And offer her release from daily constraints

At night she still returns to her sweet captor

Though fully aware of the agony ahead

There is little resistance

Fingering the erect velvet outline

As her body wriggles into position

She winces at the first bite

Yet accepts the pleasure with the pain

Maybe tomorrow she will have regrets

But tonight she will paint the floor red

With her heels

Mutations of Love

In childhood, it was sweet and pure
Daisy chains with my amore
Early teens, awkward and shy
A fluttering heart as love walks by
At eighteen passion tied with pain
Each heated death bled tears in vain
Obsession, lust, a heart at war
The complex love at twenty four
A few years on and still confused
Doused in fire, scorned and bruised
At thirty, flecked and fortified
A leap of faith and mortified
By thirty five, footsteps demure
Walls in place, encased secure
At forty lives a gentle hum
Sparks of joy, open to some
Fifties hopping, showing cracks
Unstable thoughts revealing facts
At sixty comfortable and slow
Set in stone, nowhere to go
A simple smile in seventies
Glancing, dancing, pleasantries
This changing tide, this vast cruel sea
Does love mutate, or is it me?

Meditations of you

The soft graze of stubble against my skin
The intense gaze from shimmering irises
As you look with pools full of conflict
The secure grasp of your arms locked,
winding around me, holding me safe.
The gruff tone of your voice, that tilts
To a tinkling ‘hmmph’ when amused
The ability to force me to shudder,
without being near me
The tight craving inside
when conjuring your image
just to amuse myself.

These are the reasons
That I can’t evict you from my world

Preparation for Sleep


You lie,

Β naked in your chrysalis.

Surrounded by humidity.

Heat emanating from you.

Your shallow breath

softly enticing illusion,

Β skin crackling intensely

When she comes,

you are ready.

You are on fire


When you fall,

She devours you.

Takes you into herself.

Absorbs you entirely.

Unconsciously you submit,

yet impulsively you abide.

Giving yourself over.

Relishing the consumption.

Engulfed by vision.

Satiated by Saturnalia.


All the while I sit,

Cold hands,

Worn heart.

Silently but staunchly,

Awaiting it’s call.