Flow of the Storm

The sky, a kaleidoscope
A strobe so wide
Entire horizons are swallowed
And spat out
In the blink of an eye

The air rumbles
It’s belly thick
with heavy droplets
Guzzled from rivers
and seas
Carried far into the night
Spewed into gardens
and fields
Swept along by the static tide


Caught in her embrace

She kissed my face – over and over

In a frenzied flurry of passion

Carefully caressed my skin

Dappled my bare arms,

Forced herself on me

Time after time

Making me wet

To the touch

Her touch

And I let her

Invited her even

Dancing on my lips

I love the way she feels

Softly stroking my cheeks

Pawing at my hair, gently

As I offer myself up to her

Open my arms, embrace

her loving touch

I love rain.





“The water of life”

That’s what she would say

As the fat splodges dashed the window pane

Sliding downwards, softly popping on the sill.


Sometimes it would rain for a whole afternoon

And we would huddle together

Like squirrels, in a drey

Listening to the song of rainfall

Curled up in the lap of safety

Of one another


Those afternoons were our own, back then

No school bell, no work obligations,

No snooze alarm, no phones.

Just rain.


Just you, me and the rain’s song