Strategically placed scarf

In daring days, on cooler nights

You tremble

Lips quivering, hands peruse

Soft angles of flesh

Delicate notes of vanilla pods

Dance under nostrils

Weaving intoxication into the air

And loins

Warm tingles spread – grinning

Like Cheshire cat with cream

And all at once the urge

To pounce

Upon unsuspecting mouth

Hot with anticipated breath

Oh, restrained font of desire

If only you could see, as I do

Out of Context

The electric crackle of leather colliding with air
Shadows of tassels gyrating in the candlelight
Air thick with the sweet scent of sandalwood
Tones of a saxophone filing our safe place

To the untrained eye,
the leash sits too tightly.
The cut of the cuffs too severe.
Our resolve too relentless,
too demeaning even

Yet just one mention of a Jellyfish,
could spiral the whole tableau.
Render us incapable of anything,
other than absurdity.

Balance restored by an equal serving of satire

But seriously,
We really must change that word!