Kiss of Death

With soft fleshy lips
pressed hard
full against my mouth
He could suffocate me with one kiss
Yet I would die happy
With a joyous tingling inside
Willing him to keep his luscious lips on mine

When his hands firmly hold my neck
Thumb trailing over my jaw
Fingers curling around my throat
He could halt the intake of air
Yet suffocation would bring only desire
As I sigh and die
By his warm hands

At the centre of my mind

Though not aware
You stay at the centre of my mind
Swimming through my thoughts

Tumbling over dreams
Scattered petals, that dance
In the moonlit air
Beguiling with hidden smiles
Tempting lustful hands to grab
Yet grasping only silence
As you flit through fingertips
Causing sparks
Exploding musical crescents
Highlighting your eyes
That twinkle, one barely sees
Until almost faded
Yet I see

I like to catch you in a blink
A frozen image of being
A snapshot to be replayed
At a later date
A later time
A time engaging now
And always
With you in mind

Parting Kiss

I love the way it glides
Back and forth
Bouncing between us
Our little cross to share
It’s just two lines
Two simple strokes
Of a pen
Is all it takes
A meaningless gesture
Or a potent one
Altered by timing
It’s a game,
Leaving an absence
A space
of expectation
Who will draw first
Will it land safe
Or linger in the air
An awkward mark
Of affection
Fearing rejection
Sliding between
Our discourse
Just one little letter
Carrying power
Beyond its form
Possessing the ability
To dampen angst
Create smiles
Fuel lust

Who would imagine
Two dashes
would mean so much


Salmon pink sunrise

‘Hush now’

He reached over and gently pressed his forefinger to her lips, his other hand curling softly around the back of her neck. Taken aback with the gesture she playfully bit his fingertip and watched as his mouth broke into a grin.

This was the moment…

The sound of the waves crashing against the pebbles, the salty taste in the moonlit air, the cool breeze whipping at their clothes. This was the moment she had chosen to change the conversation, to try and cover over that awkward moment. Yet with one gesture he had changed all of that and now they stood, just two people, locked in the moment before downfall or rapture.

Looking up at him she decided he was worth the gamble and she took that moment to lightly kiss his finger still held close to her lips. He pulled back slightly yet she took his fingertip into her mouth all the same. Licking the tip and circling it with her tongue tasting the sea air as she did so. He stood unsure and hesitant but let his other hand move softly into her hair, allowing her to suck his fingertips one by one. Her mouth was warm and moist, a contrast for his skin against the cool air. Her tongue traced the outline of his hand and made him tingle as she pressed her lips against his palm. Then taking his thumb into her mouth, her teeth softly grazing him, he felt himself respond.
His thumb and forefinger lightly clasped her bottom jaw and tilted her head up to look at him. Then leaning towards her, he moved his hand to her cheek and planted a firm dry kiss on her lips. Smiling she kissed him back, a gentle peck and then ran the tip of her tongue over his chapped lips.
He tasted of salt and sweetness, the sea air had seen to that. Yet his kiss was the perfect blend of hesitation and desire, that mix of chemistry usually reserved for teenage trysts. She pulled him closer and kissed him again, both trying to pin point a rhythm to relax into.
She loved the fact that he used his hands to smooth her unruly hair away from her face. He held her face tilted between his hands and kissed her, allowing himself to press tightly against her body. Wrapping her arms around his torso she was glad of the warmth. The chill air had started to get through and she could feel her nipples shifting against her underwear, although she wasn’t sure how much the weather was really to blame. He felt her shiver against him.

“would you like to turn back”

He gestured to the building with its warm glowing lights and creature comforts calling but she shook her head.

‘I’m happy here if you are’

He didn’t reply yet slid his arms around her and pulled her tight into him. His body was warm to the touch and she smiled and let out a contented murmur. They stood locked for a short while, until her body responded to his heat, then she snaked her hands over him. Tracing the curve of his back and then smoothing over his chest and stomach. His breathing changed in its pace, his heart quickened as her hands brushed over his hardened nipples and he felt himself grow under her touch.
Pressing against him she could feel the outline of his erection and brushed her hand against him. He flinched back surprised at first, then regained confidence and allowed her to stroke him lightly. Her touch followed the grain of his jeans which were proving to be a snug fit with his thickening cock. She looked up to see if he would stop her, as she slipped her hand down into the top of his jeans. His eyes were narrowed and his body proved accepting as she did so. His growing erection lurched forward under her touch and her fingertips brushed the tip of his head. Her cold hands might have been a shock to him, yet he didn’t pull away. Allowing himself to be unzipped and letting her slip a hand inside his jeans. Stroking the thin material, she moved the flat palm of her hand over him. His hard cock straining against his shorts, as she opened the buttons and placed her hand inside. He was warm to the touch and shrank back slightly against the intrusion of her cold fingers.
He kissed her again, his mouth hard on hers, her nipples now visible through the outline of her clothes. Using the back of his hand he glided over her skin, from face to neck, over her exposed cleavage and landing firm upon her breast. A gentle squeeze caused her to let out a low murmur and she responded by curling tighter around his erection.
He allowed her to caress him, trying to negate the worry of being in public against the enjoyment of her touch. She was trouble yet he was having a hard time resisting. He felt her hips press against him, her breast pushing against his palm and he gave way.
The two of them crumpled to a heap on the damp pebbles, he held her tight as they kissed. She savoured the taste of his tongue, darting passionately between her dry lips, inviting her own tongue to tango. And for a time they were lost in each other’s embrace, clawing at each other’s clothes, licking salt tinged skin, kissing until their lips were raw in the cool air. All the while neither of them noticing the soft trickle of sea water creeping through the stones, the slow fading away of the stars. Their blanket of night sky finally uncovering the cold facts of day.

“we should go back”

He could see she was shivering in her damped clothes.

“But sunrise is the best time of the day”

She nuzzled close into his chest waiting for the rebuttal, yet instead he placed his arms around her.
They watched in contented silence as the salmon pink sky devoured the morning.

That moment before we wake

Forcefully I lead you
By the hand
Seeking out a space
Away from prying eyes
A sparse haven in the surround
Flattened undergrowth
Where we may lie
Hidden from view
Safe from danger
Yet not from each other

Pulling you close
Feeling your weight
Crush against my chest
A stirring inside
As your mouth
hurriedly finds mine
We share a hunger

For lips

I want to devour you

Fingers raking flesh
As we taste each other’s saliva
Sweet and frothy
The juice of nectar
Drips from your tongue
Eagerly licked
and swallowed

The outline of you
Pressed against me
Allows my mind to wander
So too my hands
Clawing their way
Into your heart
Into your clothes

I want you inside me

Hot and heavy
Heart racing
At the feeling
of being alive
Being here
Being with you
Then I realise

As my eyelids begrudgingly open


For you…

If it were for you

I would walk on coals

Red hot warning

Blistering soles

I would cross a river

via rope bridge

Stay in a hotel

Without a fridge

For you I would walk

500 miles

Go backwards round

The shopping aisles

I’d run to catch you

In kiss chase

Embrace you

In a public place

Would tell you my most

Secret thoughts

Show empathy

When you’re distraught

To see you happy

I’d pay the price

I’d even give up

My last slice

I’d give you my last

Penny or dime

Write a poem

And make it rhyme

Would bake for you

A carrot cake

Ride a raft

Across a lake

Would follow you

Into the sea

Give everything

You ask of me

For you I’d do most


To have you feel

The joy I’d bring

Though sometime

We must make a deal

For you to know

My hearts not steel

And whilst I often

Love to kneel

I still need more

I am, I feel