Burning in Extremity

What I’d give up
To be with you
Is more than you
Will ever view

I’d tear my world
To tiny shreds
Pull the rug,
Unravel threads

Face my demons
Burn my sin
For every torment
Scorch my skin

I’ll smash this glasshouse
With a pin
Absolve in absinthe
Drink you in

I’ll lay on spikes
To hear you breathe
Rake hot coals
To find reprieve

If you were mine
I’d light a fire
I’d fan that pyre

Wear your heart
Without a name
Suffer every
Ancient flame

I’ll burn a candle
In your wake
Lay down my bones
So yours won’t break

I’d give you all
You asked of me
My total sum

Cold Nights

Its the way you shake your head 

When she tries to stroke your hair 

As you dream 

The disgruntled twitch  

Where fingertips skim bare skin  

The nights that once held you entwined  

Now force her adrift 

Where once you lay open 

Inviting her head upon your chest 

These days 

Replaced by a cold shoulder  

Your heartbeat sheltered  

Away from her ears 

Back to back  

She struggles to feel your warmth 

Yet in the clear daylight  

You ponder why she has grown cold 

A shower of words

The first burst of water hit her skin in a violent assault, cold enough to almost throw her off balance. She reached out quickly to turn up the heat and breathed a deep sigh as the warm water crept over her shoulders and down her back. Loading up the shower puff with cherry scented gel she began to scrub away the worries of the day.
She reached up to run her hands through her hair, helping the water to find its way through to her scalp and help her relax. Tilting her head to one side, she let out a gasp as the water danced across her neck causing her nipples to stiffen slightly. Then reaching for more shower gel she smeared it over her arms and chest, working up a lather until her top half was covered in soapy suds. Enjoying her own silken touch gliding over her skin and smoothing the bubbles southwards. Closing her eyes as she leaned back into the water allowing the scented foam to soak her entirety.

Caught in her embrace

She kissed my face – over and over

In a frenzied flurry of passion

Carefully caressed my skin

Dappled my bare arms,

Forced herself on me

Time after time

Making me wet

To the touch

Her touch

And I let her

Invited her even

Dancing on my lips

I love the way she feels

Softly stroking my cheeks

Pawing at my hair, gently

As I offer myself up to her

Open my arms, embrace

her loving touch

I love rain.