Sweet consummation

You melt, on my tongue
The slight murmur as you curl
into my moistness
You sizzle and sigh as I taste you
Closing my mouth tight
around your form

You pop

Against the back of my throat
An eruption of energy
that softens to a low hum

Sweet… intoxicating
Your juice sliding over my taste buds
As I lap up the remnants from my palm
The gentle trace of you
Clinging to my lips
Swept up by a quick lick
All trace of you

Leaving just the tell tale packet of foil

There is an art to enjoying popping candy…

The Power of Three

It’s the little things
Silly offerings of defiance
Lashings of hubris
Teasing and confirmed
To sit with my literary life

It’s the sweet things
Gentle suggestions of romance
Ribbons of happiness
Trusted and concerned
To knit with my fanciful life

It’s the silly things
Little gestures of compliance
Pockets of humour
Twisted and conformed
To fit with my imaginary life