A Promise of Relief

Sleep does not bring relief: you sir, have lied!

I cannot lie down and forget the sight nor sound

As memories of days in my mind abound

My stubborn heart clings to times, she has sighed

Days hauling through weeks, vision denied

Voice growing weary, I sink and you drown

But whisper an echo and I am spellbound

Ethereal you become, though inside you reside

I hunt you in dreams, stalk you as prey

Catch you in situ, suck the warmth from your skin

Hold you entirely, wear your body like fur

Savour your morsel,  alike connoisseur

In slumber, all manner of joy on display

Yet never has  sleep brought relief  therein


Your lips my lips have kissed

Your lips my lips have kissed I can’t deny

I’ve not forgotten your arms in which I lay

Your warm skin under mine til break of day

Nor the rise of your chest as you quietly lie

Until we both move and you softly sigh

And in my cold heart grows a lust I obey

To hold you close so you don’t slip away

Not wanting to hear those words of goodbye

Clinging like ivy, I curl round your frame

Absorbing your heat, the touch of your skin

Breathing your sweet scent fills me to the core

In your absence I yearn for this over again

This flame ignited,it burns from within

A fire to hold me still wanting more



Inspired by the wonderful Edna St. Vincent Millay








The War of Elements

‘Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice’
– Robert Frost

When a sphere crashed through the slumbering ice
Its fiery coat piercing the cellophane skin
Causing the lake to shatter with strife
Fire started the war, Ice wanted to win

The Ice wound it healed, swallowing the flames
Fire sent in soldiers seeking to avenge
Snapping, cracking, flesh melting, their games
Infernals of anger, lashing tongues of revenge

Ice played the cool hand and befriended the trees
Awarding armour and conjuring claws
Frost crept in, suffocating all it could seize
Gnawing at the earth while fighting its cause

But the Fire still it rages and the Ice still defends
Existing on the face of a world they transcend


The invisible wall of consciousness

Fantasy collides with reality

The first steps towards actuality

The future now appearing ominous

That sudden change of her self-confidence

Questioning the lack of morality

Doubting his real partiality

Her thoughts becoming hesitant, cautious

She starts to pour the remnants of her soul

Into the glass which earlier fuelled her

Her heart pleading pure addiction for him

Unable to muster her self-control

The mind claims lust a clear abuser

Body conforming to every whim